Friday, September 11, 2015

Magnetic Calendars: Opportunities to Make Your Message Stick

Imprinting magnetic calendars with your company logo and contact info is a great promotional strategy-as long as you can find the right opportunities. Here are some good and not as good times to give away branded magnetic calendars.

Good: at the point of service in a customer's home or office space; a handy way to post an invoice as there will likely be a refrigerator or other appliance nearby to attach the magnet to.
Not as Good: Parades; attendees are far away from home and receive a lot of promotional papers and items and these are often left on the ground or thrown away.

Good: At the point of purchase ( if you sell food, baked goods, medical prescriptions or delivery items) customers will be bringing their purchases straight to the kitchen so there's a good change the magnet will be remembered and added to the artwork already adorning the fridge.
Not as Good: in a mailing campaign that lacks the proper packaging or fulfillment guidelines. You can prospect with a mailing and include a magnet but be sure to check with your post office.

Good: Send a follow-up thank you to clients for choosing your business. A Thank You goes a long way and magnet calendars are an affordable way to say "thanks" and included your information for future contact.
Not as Good: At a conference or trade-show; attendees are typically traveling and often will throw the product away rather than taking the space and time to pack it.

Whatever your plan is magnetic calendars add staying power to your promotion and keep your contact information visible all year long while in use.

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