Tuesday, August 11, 2015

4 Customer Types That Still Love Promotional Calendars

We often hear how business is becoming paperless, and how customers prefer to do their banking, shopping and communicating on line. But printed promotional calendars still make sense for lots of people and here are 4 potential customers you could reach with a printed giveaway:

Moms - Moms love having a wall calendar near their command center, where ever that may be, so they can choose a convenient date/time for your service call or free estimate.

Professionals Who Work with their Hands - Restaurant owners, chefs, and mechanics to name a few, need a quick at a glance reference while their hands are busy for planning and reference.

Government and Public Service Professionals - Teachers, social workers, police and firemen are often scrambling to make the most of scarce budget dollars. Advertising your business to them with a promotional wall calendar is a win-win, as it gives them one less supply to buy for themselves so they will be sure to use it. 

Seniors - Businesses that cater to senior citizens do well by supplying promotional calendars at the point of service or in a direct mail campaign. Seniors are less likely to track their schedules on a mobile device and the larger font makes for easier reading.

Your clients will thank you and our calendar reviews attest that printed calendars are "a great tool for a fair cost and get your name out there." Start your fall promotion off with a logo or personalized calendar and advertise your business 365 days a year.

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