Friday, October 2, 2015

Company Logo Products that are Missing from Your Waiting Room

Starting up and running a  small business is an all in endeavor and  one of your top priorities is to make your clientele comfortable and welcome. You've put thought into how your office or business looks when someone walks in the front door, maybe a few strategically placed plants or artwork, possibly a coffee machine in the waiting area to win customer satisfaction points.  There's still room to improve the experience in that critical, first - impression stage.

Company logo products can help...

Personalized coloring books are a lifesaver for parents with kids in tow. Not only will they appreciate the giveaway, they'll potentially have more time and focus to have an uninterrupted conversation about your services.

Pens are the essential company logo product for your waiting room-make sure they are available on a counter or coffee table for quick and easy access to fill out forms, and it's your name they will be showcasing everyday with this affordable customer take-away.

Photo Business cards are another great company logo product to have available in your waiting room.
This will not only remind you to pass them out rather than tucking them away to collect dust, it will also let people know who the members of your team are at-a-glance.

Personalizing and adding your logo builds brand recognition and by simply adding a few items to your waiting room you will allow your customers to spread the word with an affordable give-away.

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