Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Out with the Old.... in with the New!

Just as we are reminded that it's time for our clocks to "Spring Ahead!," it's a great time to spring ahead with our own business plan, as well.

Rather than waiting for the rush of the holiday season, take advantage of Cordial Greetings' best prices on items specifically designed to help you grow your business by growing your relationships. The only way, the experts tell us, that really works.

What better way to tell your customers that they are in your thoughts each day than the gift of a Cordial Greetings' calendar? Economical and versatile, Cordials' team has created a design to suit everyone.

Florists, for example, love our Garden Splendor - brimming with an array of seasonal favorites.

Your coastal bed- and -breakfast guests will be delighted- and reminded to book ahead- when they receive our Lighthouses 2014 calendar.

Whether you choose Historic Landmarks or Wonders of the World, you'll score points sending these beautiful photos to the travelers or travel- dreamers on your list.

Who doesn't love to commiserate and have a laugh? Murphy's Law shows your clients we are all in this together!

Non-profits and church groups can easily encourage benefactors or congregation members with our Inspirations or Christian Reflections desk or wall calendars.

Don't forget friends and family! Planning a class or family reunion in 2014? Wedding? Graduation? What a great way to remind family and friends that 2014 will truly be a special year.

Whatever your reason, Cordial's calendars offer the appropriate style, illustrations and send the perfect message.

So, on March 10th, turn those clocks forward with anticipation- and let Cordial Greetings 2014 calendars help you spring ahead!

Our Cordial Greetings team welcomes your questions, comments and suggestions!

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