Friday, February 15, 2013

Promote via Presidents' Day!

                              George, Abe and ... You!

Although George Washington officially blew out his candles on February 22nd-- just a few days behind Abraham Lincoln on February 12th-- it wasn't until 1971 that Congress officially declared that Presidents' Day would be celebrated as a Federal Holiday the third Monday of each February. This year, Presidents' Day falls on the 18th.

Whether or not you indulge in a slice of cherry pie to celebrate George or chop an extra log or two for the fire in remembrance of Abe, this day surely reminds us of the strong, intelligent and brave men and women who have helped put the freedoms we enjoy each day into place.

Cordial Greetings line of patriotic cards and calendars can be a wonderful reminder of just that to your clients and friends-- as well as serving as a shout-out from you!

Take advantage of Cordial's early bird special pricing and select either the Patriotic Pride or Colors of America holiday card. With the American flag cleverly incorporated into the design, whether your taste is elegant or casual-fun, Cordial Greetings has got you covered.

Maybe you want to share your sentiments 365-days a year? With Cordial's variety of calendar styles there is something for everyone.

Card to Calendar styles combine the best of both worlds-- the sophistication of a greeting card sharing a holiday message and the practicality of a 12-month calendar presented in a tri-fold card.

Need something economical and practical--something to keep your name, address and phone number in front of your clients' eyes? Cordial's economy calendar line has been the perennial go-to collection for the smart business owners looking to give an everyday reminder on their clients' desks.

Self-adhesive styles declare your patriotism with the image of the waving Stars and Stripes. Magnetic economy calendars offer the bold colors and vivid image of our flag--and 2014 adds a touch of gold, displaying the year.

Whatever your taste, style or budget, Cordial Greetings Patriotic Collection has a card or calendar that will surely be the perfect fit.

This February, Cordial Greetings salutes our customers with great ideas, great products and great prices to help make your business reach the stars (and stripes)!

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