Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Treat Your Customers Like Family

" I squirrel away sealed greeting cards that people give me so that I can open them later when I am having a bad day."- Emily Procter

There's simply no doubt that cards touch us. As Valentine's Day approaches,  it reminds us that the feelings we wish to share with those we care about the most are easily expressed- and most easily received - when we send a card.

Whether we are telling someone how much we care or sending a note of recognition or appreciation, cards are a wonderful vehicle for those feelings. Invoke a sense or feeling of; I care enough to take the time and I thought about you.

This year, take full advantage of Cordial's easy approach to making your business look great and your customers feel valued.

Where do I start?

Plan early! The beginning of the year is a busy one for us all. It's only natural to commit something to memory in February... only to have the occasion sail by and your good intentions go unfulfilled.
Keep an active list of clients and their special occasions, that you would like to remember with a greeting card or calendar and make sure to set a reminder to check it on a certain day of the week or month.

Keep planning early! Oftentimes, our fiscal year-end arrives at the same time as our holiday expenses. When we understand the impact of something as simple as sending a greeting card can have on our business; it's a no-brainer to earmark a bit of our advertising budget.

We know you! Your the electrical contractor with a client- list as long as your arm, and your time isn't best served browsing shiny catalogs to find the perfect choice to represent you and your business. No worries!
Our new website www.cordialgreetings.com brings to you the feature of shopping by Collections. Collections does the work for you by grouping together calendars, cards and promotional items themed just for you. In just a few minutes, you are set and ready to connect with your customers all year long!

What about my Real Life?

Cordial's products are anything but industrial! Known and respected for creating high-quality, affordable, stylish greeting cards and calendars, you'll be certain to find the design and sentiment that's just right for your personal use too!

The Cordial Greetings family wishes you a warm and lovely Valentine's day!

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