Thursday, June 5, 2014

Picture This: Personalized Photo Business Cards & Calendars

As a company that specializes in quality personalized promotional print products, Cordial Greetings embraces opportunities to help small businesses build relationships and brand recognition.

“Should I put my personal photograph on my business card — or any other promotional products, for that matter?” — it’s a question we get asked all of the time. Our answer? Yes!

Whether you are a real estate agent, an attorney, an insurance broker, a home repair persona, or a hair stylist — if you operate as an independent contractor or a small business, you are your business! Personalized photo promotional items are a great way to be memorable and set you apart in the marketplace.

Put Your Best Face Forward
Cordial Greetings now offers a variety of customizable photo business cards and photo personalized economy calendars that make it easy and affordable to put your best face forward and:

  • Be memorable.
    Visual recognition can be a powerful tool. How many times have you heard somebody say, “I don’t remember names, but I do remember faces?” Photo business cards and promotional items are great tools that can help jog a person’s memory— long after you meet face to face.
  • Build brand awareness.
You put your picture on your website, your Facebook page, your LinkedIn profiles, Google + profiles, your Twitter feeds — and quite possibly your brochures. Including your photo on your business card is a smart way to reinforce the connection and build brand awareness.

  • Make it personal.
People do business with those they know, connect with, and trust. If you are in the business of building relationships and want to be remembered, photo personalized promotional products are a great way to create an emotional appeal and establish a personal connection.

  • Build credibility.
A picture says a thousand words. If you are in the business of building relationships and want to be known as a trusted expert in your industry, a photo business card or calendar is a simple way to build recognition and help people associate your face with your business.

  • Stand out in a crowd.
    Consider all the business cards you collect — whether it’s attending networking events, conducting business day-to-day, giving or receiving a referral, etc. If you’re like most of us, you probably have quite a stack. How many of those business cards are truly memorable? Can you recall or visualize who each of those individuals are?  Photo business cards are a smart way to stand out from the pack and be unique.

Smile for the Camera!
According to Dan Crowther, an online marketing consultant in Racine, Wisconsin, putting your picture on your business card is his number one piece of advice for making your card stand out.  But that’s not to say that any old photo will do. Make sure the photo you choose is professional and matches the image you wish to communicate — a pleasant, friendly smile works wonders, too!

What do you think?  Do you use a photo on your business card already?  How has it been received? Let us know by posting your experience below. 

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