Friday, December 20, 2013

10 Easy Ways to use your Calendar as a Marketing Tool

What do you get when you cross a kangaroo with a calendar?  A leap year, of course!

They come in all shapes and sizes.  They bring images of glorious landscapes, icons of patriotism, happy puppies, playful kittens, beautiful flowers and even the smiling faces of your office staff!  With designs and styles too numerous to mention, calendars remain an economical and practical way to market your business.

Here are ten easy ways to market using this truly versatile tool!

1.     Save the date!  Part of a local festival?  Having a pre-holiday sale?  Anniversary sale?  Choose a desk or wall calendar and note your special date with a bright sticker.  Your customers will be grateful for the easy reminder.

2.     Say Cheese ... or First Bank and TrustPlacing the smiling faces of your office team on a photo-personalized calendar card helps your customers -- and perspective clients -- see just who they'll be dealing with!  The importance of familiarity in the business world can't be emphasized enough.  Are you a one-person show? Consider a photo card calendar with a business photo of yourself or add your family, for a more personal touch.

3.     Keep your business info right before their eyes!  How wonderful -- and how easy! -- would it be to have your business information, address, telephone, website and even business hours right before your customer's eyes, each and every day?  Imprinted desk calendars do just that!

4.     Don't just send a card -- send a gift!  Calendar greeting cards do twice the job for a fraction of the cost.  Now when your loyal clients open your holiday greeting card, they'll find not only your best wishes but a useful and practical gift. 

5.     Come fly with me.  Travel agency?  When you give the Destinations 2014 calendar to your clients not only are you giving them a practical gift but a ... hint!

6.     Instant art!  Wall calendars provide instant brightness to a sometimes not-so-festive cubicle and add a nice addition to a breakfast nook or home office space.  Warm, practical and imprinted with your business information, you won't be forgotten -- you're a part of the decor!

7.     Be a hero!  When you donate calendars to a local school or assisted living facility, your good deed -- and your business -- gets noticed!  

8.     A little something extra in the bag!  Save mailing costs and target your market when you tuck a calendar into their shopping bag or give a calendar magnet when you provide a service call. 

9.     Get your votes here!  Running for office?  Newly elected?  Patriotic calendars are a wonderful way to reach out to your constituents while providing important information about your campaign or district office.

10.   Say AhhhhhhhWhether puppies or kittens are your clientele, offering their leash holders a puppy and kittens calendar with dates pre-marked for their furry one's next vaccine or grooming appointment is a great way to ensure a return visit.

We hope these ten suggestions give you ideas that help you market your business 365 days a year!  Cordial Greetings encourages you to share your ideas with us -- and wishes you a happy, prosperous 2014!

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