Monday, November 18, 2013

Adding a Personal, Local Touch to your Marketing

Disneyland is a work of love.  We didn't go into Disneyland just with the idea of making money.  --  Walt Disney

Business is about people.  When we approach our customers as friends; when we create a business environment that feels welcoming and when we provide products or services that deliver what they promise at a fair cost -- we soon find our bottom line isn't quite so ... bottom!

As summer draws to a close and we settle into our regular routines, we find that the sometimes lazy autumn season becomes the perfect time to touch base with old
acquaintances and remind our customers that they haven't been forgotten. Here are just a few examples of ways to spark the interest of new clients while reminding our long standing customers that they are truly valued:

Get your cider on!  Whether hosting a full-blown fall open house or simply brewing an urn of hot cider or hot cocoa to have on-hand, you'll find that even the simplest of personal touches will help you to stand out and be remembered.  They may come through the door as customers -- but they'll leave as friends. 

Trim the Tree.  Offer a week-long Tree or Wreath decorating contest and prepare for a revolving door!  Prospective customers  -- not to mention participants -- will be stopping by to check out the competition.  Add  a coloring contest for the little ones and now you really have a show.  Display the winners in your storefront window.  This fun idea will truly live up to its name as it acts like a beacon, drawing customers to your door.

Baby it's cold outside!  Autumn brings with it more time indoors -- and more time surfing the web and catching up with our social media sites.  Don't forget to update your website, add some cool seasonal colors or graphics and offer cyber coupons.  As your customers check you out, remind them that there's a coupon that they can access right then from their smart phone.  Remind them to “Like” you on FaceBook for additional sales and promotions. 

I Yam who I Yam.  Popeye, that great guru of branding, knew his stuff!  Keep in mind as you shift your colors, your themes, your products to suit the season, be true to your brand.  If you are a floral shop known for your unique arrangements, don't succumb to the tried-and-true leaves-in-a-frosted-pumpkin.  Stay innovative!  If you are the local coffee shop, add a pumpkin spice selection.  Place those cool college sweatshirts front and center to remind those who drive by of the big game that weekend.

Reach out, stay in touch and welcome your customers in a way that only you can -- and you'll never be at a loss for business! 

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