Monday, April 8, 2013

Social Media for Small Businesses

"When you give everyone a voice and give people power, the system usually ends up in a really good place." -- Mark Zuckerberg, CEO and Facebook Founder

Main Street just got bigger.  Much bigger.  No longer is your small business limited to geography.  Now your muffins that sell-out on Sunday mornings can sell-out every day of the week with the help of social media. 

The statistics?  They are mind-numbing when one considers the potential!  In his recent marketing blog, Pedro Hernandez noted Bone Suckin' Sauce -- a BBQ sauce business -- increased its sales by 83% when they began posting on Facebook in earnest.  Sam's Chowder House increased both their monthly gross revenues and monthly reservations by 19% when they committed to social media promotions.

Love it ... or not s'much! ... Twitter, Facebook, InstaGram (along with whatever new platform rolls out today!) are probably here to stay.  Cordial Greetings wants to help you take advantage of the endless potential social media offers for promoting your business.  
Here are a few tips to get you started:
Don't think local.  The world is now your oyster, as the saying goes.  Are your birthday cupcakes famous in Peoria?   Well, they have birthdays in Jacksonville, too!  Why not run an easy contest for the cupcake that travels the farthest?   Send two dozen of your can't-live-without-once-you-try-them cookies to the client who orders each month from the greatest distance!
Okay: Go ahead and think local.  Want to increase foot traffic?  Offer on-line in-store coupons for those customers lucky enough to live nearby.  Monday not exactly your busiest day at the floral shop?  Facebook a special that offers a free flower each Monday morning.  Guaranteed that, when the time comes for that pricey arrangement, it will be your threshold they cross!

Post post post ... post post. Then post some more.  Studies have shown that social media followers are just that -- followers!  They will check your site, friend you, read your blogs, watch for your posts and special offers -- and keep watching!   You may be surprised to find how often your blogs are visited and your on-line coupons used.   The trick is consistency.  Our social media-ites are nothing if not consistent!  Once you begin your online campaign -- keep it up!

Coupons ... they're not just for clipping anymore.  Last month we blogged about coupons accessible with our smart phones.  Instant savings -- literally! -- that can be Googled while a customer is waiting for her oil change.  These types of sales offers, promoted on Facebook and Twitter as well as your business site, are invaluable -- instant -- and always appreciated tools.

We could go on and on with the many ways that small businesses can benefit from the social media age, but here's the rule of thumb: it's about building relationships.  When we share  our ideas and offers with clients and prospective clients, we  help them find out what our business is all about -- and who we are. 

For decades, the Cordial Greetings Team has been doing just that!  With our collection of real-world products and now with the introduction of our Mobile Landing Pages, Cordial's experts are ready to help your business ... go social!

As always, we would love to hear your comments and suggestions! 

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