Monday, June 10, 2013

Keeping In Touch with Your Customers

"I'm not a marketing person.  I don't ask myself questions.  
I go by instinct."   Karl Lagerfeld

Whether keeping in touch with friends or family, greeting cards remain an economical, fun, thoughtful way to do just that.  

That same philosophy makes an easy jump to our business world when we begin to look at our customers as our business-friends.   Not only can we say “hello” and remind our customers that we are there to help when needed or to wish them well on their birthday, but we can (and should!) use this handy keep-in-touch method as a vehicle to update our customers on everything from our monthly specials to a change in contact information.

Greeting cards are just one "marketing tool” that works.  Let's take a look at a few more marketing ideas that don't come with a hit-you-over-the-head club, but yet are super effective ways of making things happen!

I Like You ...  Social media really is the latest and greatest way to stay in touch and let your customers know what you're up to.  Offer a coupon to those who Like you on Facebook.  Don't forget to post often and encourage customers to visit your page for deals not offered anywhere else.  Placing cyber-coupons on your page makes it easy for customers to effortlessly "carry" your coupons, rather than clipping and cutting and arriving with a messy tangle.

You can take it with you ... Colorful bookmarks with your company name and address; recipe cards with your kitchen store hours; coloring sheets or squeaky new crayons for the little ones -- offer your customers something to take with them and you've struck marketing gold.  Now they are reminded of you each and every time they bake a pie or turn a page or are presented with another masterpiece from their child.  You've become part of their everyday world.

Don't Be Shy ...  Link your promotion to a public event.  Sponsor the local run/walk race and offer a free gift or discount from your storefront for all of those who participate.  Being seen in the community helps to show customers that you're not just the shop on the corner, but an integral part of the town.

There are many (many!) ways that we can market.  Choose the vehicle that seems right for you ... or stretch yourself a bit!  Reaching out to your customer as we would any friend will create long-lasting, profitable partnerships.  

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